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Dalton Ultra Draft Update - Draft is Next Week!

Posted 03-02-2023

We are less than a month away from an amazing weekend in Dalton. This update is to let you know about changes to the divisions, the draft process, and a reminder for payment.

All Divisions Are Now Coed

We began with a goal of four divisions, but have now switch over to Coed to ensure a strong competitive play environment. There will be Senior Coed and Standard Coed divisions. Double check your division settings on this page:
Registration Settings

The Draft Will Be Next Week!

We have lined up our coaches and are currently providing them training for the draft process. Our goal is to have all teams selected and ready to go by next Tuesday, March 7. If you have any friends who wish to join - now is their last chance!

No Players Are Drafted Without Paid Registration

If you have still not completed your payment for the Dalton Ultra Draft, you must complete it by Sunday, March 5. If payment is not complete and an extension is not approved, you may be dropped from the event.
Check Your Payment Status

Last Call for Coaches!

Think you have what it takes to hand pick a team and lead them to a championship? It's actually pretty easy - we'll show you how the draft system works, and you build the team your way. Text Smitty at 317.372.2623 if you're game!