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Rawlings Ultra Draft
Riverbend Park
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LeagueJoe Draft League
Midwest Sports Complex
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ISP Southside Draft League
Indy Sports Park
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Avon Softball
RBI Fields
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Flag Football 8v8
Indy Healthplex
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ISP Southside Draft Volleyball
Indy Sports Park
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SoCal Ultra Draft
Big League Dreams Perris
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Soccer Draft
Indy Healthplex
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St. Louis Ultra Draft
BMAC (Bridgeton)
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River City Ultra Draft
River City Sports Complex West
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Beast Drafts - Auburn
Auburn Softball Complex
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Beast Drafts - St. Pete
Woodlawn Park
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Indianapolis Ultra Draft
Indy Sports Park
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Myrtle Beach Ultra Draft
Grand Park
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Beast Drafts - Memphis
USA Baseball Stadium
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Arizona Ultra Draft
Victory Lane
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Welcome to LeagueJoe

Stop us if you've heard this one before...

You get excited to join a new recreational league. You're sporty, but you don't have enough sporty friends to form a full team, or maybe you just moved to town. You want this to be a way to meet people and get out and enjoy yourself. You show up to your first game and...

It's awkward. Everyone knows each other, but not you. And the team you're playing against? They're tournament playing studs, and you get crushed! Suddenly you feel like you're not as sporty as you thought you were...

That experience sucks. We got tired of it. So we built LeagueJoe. Welcome!

Zero Undefeated or Winless Teams

Leagues Built for Social Engagement and Parity

At LeagueJoe, we know how to create recreational sports leagues that aren't just competitive, they're social. When you join a LeagueJoe league, you put in your stats and playing history and you are assigned a Salary Cap number. Before each and every league, you are drafted to a brand new team with 5-10 other free agent individuals, just like you!

Thanks to our draft system, our leagues are...

  • More welcoming to new players who don't know anybody else in the league
  • More inclusive for players are they age and their skills decline, or injury has made them lose a step
  • More thrilling and engaging because every team has a chance to win or lose - you never feel like you're stuck on a helpless team
  • More interesting for our competitive players because each game comes down to the wire
  • More accepting of brand new players learning the game because every team has some pros, and has some joes, and they help each other!
  • More social because after a few seasons, you don't just know your team.... you know everyone in the whole league!

There's a Better Way to Play - The Draft System

KaillyJo - The Original First Round Pick

In 2014, KaillyJo was the first Number 1 Overall pick in LeagueJoe history. Since then, over 2500 players have been drafted with our unique fantasy-style draft system. Sign up now, so you can be the next one to hear your name called to the podium!

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