Welcome to LeagueJoe

The goal of LeagueJoe is to help put fun back into recreational adult sports leagues. Anyone who has ever joined a league knows that no-shows, players who don't pay, and uneven competition takes an awesome summer activity and turns it into a burden. We're here to combat that with two goals:

League and Team Management Tools

Sign your team up and add all of your players to keep track of player dues, player attendance, and send automated emails before a game to make sure you have time to find substitutes if a player cannot make it.

Fantasy Draft Leagues - A New Kind of League

Ever join a "recreational" league only to find yourself facing tournament caliber competition that enjoys using your team as a chew-toy? With our Fantasy Draft Leagues, all players are entered into a pool and selected to a team before the league begins. Players are drafted based on their ranks and abilities, so the teams come out more even throughout the season. A perfect league for individuals and couples looking to meet new friends, and a legitimate league option for beginning recreational players who value the fun of the sport over dominating opponents.

Corporate League Play for Your Company

Recreational sports promotes wellness, teamwork, and fun for your entire organization. With the LeagueJoe Corp Portal, you can have a branded online presence that helps you create and manage leagues for your employees to participate in!

Want to have more time to hit the fields yourself? No problem. We can manage your process for you!

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