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Refund and Weather Policies

Policy Note: These refund and weather policies apply to events, leagues, and tournaments where League Joe served as the primary operations company. When third-parties operate events on League Joe, their policies supercede those found here. Please visit the specific event page to find refund and weather policies for that specific event.

Reserving Your Slot in the Competition

Once payment is received, your player slot is saved for you in the competition. Upon filling the minimum player requirements, all registered players will be drafted to teams and coaches will contact each player for next steps. An Individual is not confirmed into a competition until competition fee payment is received. Failure to confirm and pay the competition fee promptly may result in the player being removed. League Joe and any competition administrators reserve the right to remove a player from any competition for non-payment or any other reason.

Refund Terms

Your fee is refundable (minus payment processing fees) in the following circumstances:

  • Event date is changed and you are unable to attend
  • Event is cancelled ahead of the event date
  • You request a refund prior to the close of the pre-registration period

At the conclusion of the pre-registration period, no refunds will be granted for single event cancellation.

League Specific Terms

Cancellations Before The Season
Any cancellations made by players less than 7 business days before the start of a season will result in a non-refundable $20 Cancellation Fee, with no exceptions. The balance of the competition fee, minus this $20 Cancellation Fee, will be credited back to the card that was used for competition fee confirmation payment.

If an individual fails to attend the first game of the season without giving prior notice to a competition representative, League Joe and the competition administrator reserves the right to replace that player and charge the non-refundable $20 Cancellation fee. Simply not showing up is not a valid means of notification of registration cancellation.

Cancellations During The Season
We understand that sometimes an individual cannot complete a season because of circumstances beyond their control (injuries, accidents, illnesses) and sometimes it simply turns out not to be the right experience for them. Any individual that plays week 1 and cancels immediately afterward will be charged only the Individual Cancelation Fee of $20 described above. Individuals canceling after week 2 will receive a pro-rated refund in addition to the $20 fee.


With approval of the competition administrator, your registration fee may be transferable if you find a replacement player.

At any time following the pre-registration period, you may cancel your registration and have your fees transfer to a future event, minus any costs associated with purchased merchandise and/or uniform kits.

Please contact support for the event if you have further questions.

Weather Policy

Each and every event on League Joe may have specific policies and procedures for their events. When specific event policies exist, they shall supersede the policies found here. LeagueJoe is only responsible for policies for its events that it operates.

Event organizer reserves all rights to modify the schedule and/or the rules of the games in order to alleviate time constraints caused by inclement weather. For event adjustments caused by inclement weather and/or Acts of God, players shall be subject to partial credits for use for future events depending on the retail value of the merchandise package provided to each player (see chart below).

In the event of a total cancellation or weather adjustments, Event organizer reserves the right to adjust its prize packages at its own discretion. If weather causes you to play more than 50% fewer games than advertised, you will be provided a partial credit towards future events. Credit will be calculated as a percentage of the total games played versus the advertised guarantee, minus the retail value of any merchandise package provided. If the total retail value of the merchandise exceeds the total registration cost, no credit will be provided.

  • 50% of games or less = 50% credit (minus retail value of package)
  • 0 Games played = 100% (minus retail value of provided package)