Frequently Asked Questions

Learn a bit about LeagueJoe and get your questions answered.

LeagueJoe is a team and player manager for adults who play in recreational sports leagues. The goal of LeagueJoe is to allow players and teams to recruit other players of similar skill and social levels so the league experience is more fun for all. Looking for competitive, tournament players who will leave it all on the field? Find them on LeagueJoe. Looking for social, beer-drinking, fun-loving players who don't care so much about the box score? Find them on LeagueJoe.
Ever join a league with some friends and co-workers, only to get crushed by a team with much more experience and skill? These games are never fun, but they happen because it’s hard to match recreational teams according to skill. In our draft leagues, all players are drafted at the beginning of the season based on their self-reported, peer-reviewed skill level, so teams are more social, evenly matched and the games are more fulfilling. You can then use our tool to reconnect with players you've played with, and recruit them to teams of similar skill levels.
Sign up for a Draft League on the website, fill out a player profile, and rate yourself onseveral skills. Our draft software will assign you a rating based on your answers, and you will be drafted to a team based on your rating. Each team has a skill level cap to help keep teams even and competition fun.
When you first sign up for LeagueJoe, you're rating yourself, so there's a chance you could over or underrate yourself. That's okay, just go with your gut instinct and you'll probably be close. After the season ends, your coaches and teammates will have an opportunity to leave you peer-review ratings that will ultimately adjust your skill levels appropriately. The longer you play, the more accurate and complete your player profile becomes.

Could people lie and try to game the system? Sure, we suppose they could. But considering there's no gain to be had from lying, they'd just be lying to themselves. And the peer-reviews at the end of the season would help identify dishonest players.
Team management will be available soon, and will allow you to build a circle of friends and players you enjoy playing with. In the first version of LeagueJoe, we only have a single Draft League, which encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and meet new players. Your friends can join the league, but there’s no guarantee you’ll play together - so you may just have fun competing against them! We do have a “Couples” registration so you and your sweetheart can stick together if you wish.