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This event has reached capacity.

Alternate registration is OPEN. You may sign up as a sub.


Gastonia Slowpitch

Season: Summer 2024 (Other Seasons)
Sport: Softball
Event Director
George Poston Park
Gastonia, NC
Day of the Week
Registration Deadline
Wed, May 29


This event has reached capacity.

Alternate registration is OPEN. You may sign up as a sub.

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Coaches Have the Option to Play, Too!

Most of our coaches are also players, and that is encouraged and welcome. If you prefer to Coach Only, please reach out to the event organizer and let them know your preference. You will still be able to participate, and you will draft an extra player in your place to represent you on the field.

Apply to Coach This Event

This is an event based on fairness and fun, and much of that is specifically driven by our coaches. It is important that our coaches embrace a mindset of friendliness, inclusion, and fairness and do not obsess over winning. Yes, we all want to win... but we want to do so while remembering that this is not a professional league, and all players deserve fair playing time.

If you are a coach, you agree to:

  • Take the draft process seriously and not attempt to "game" the system by asking players you know to sign up in any particular form or fashion.
  • Review the player list and alert the admins when you see a player who is inappropriately ranked.
  • Make sure every player on your team - from the best to the worst - gets fair playing time over the course of the entire event.
  • Be prepared to compromise with the other team when situations arise that are out of their control such as catastrophic injury, roster issues, and more. Find a compromise to allow the game to be played in a fair setting, and don't settle for wins on technicalities.
  • Recognize that your fellow coaches and umpires are human and are prone to make errors, and should be treated with respect even when they make mistakes.
  • Try to drive a culture of fun and complimentary play. Friendly banter is OK, but arguing, fighting, excessive trash talk, and yelling is not.
  • Encourage your team to compliment the other team's great plays more than they comment on the bad ones.

Thank you for agreeing to be a coach. We hope you and your team have a ton of fun at your events!

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