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This event has reached capacity.

Alternate registration is OPEN. You may sign up as a sub.


Gastonia Slowpitch

Season: Summer 2024 (Other Seasons)
Sport: Softball
Event Director
George Poston Park
Gastonia, NC
Day of the Week
Registration Deadline
Wed, May 29


This event has reached capacity.

Alternate registration is OPEN. You may sign up as a sub.

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Ultra Draft - How it Works

Ultra Drafts are different from Mega and Super drafts because we use science, not randomization or shadow councils who decide your grades. All players complete their skills surveys, and a combination of peer reviews, research, and coach interviews helps provide a better overall skill analysis for a player.

In Ultra Drafts, everybody plays and every team is even, so our competition is real without the drama.

Teams are not randomly selected. Instead, individuals with enough League Joe Reputation Points sign up to be official coaches and they will be responsible for drafting their teams.

Just like a fantasy football draft, coaches will alternate selecting players. Those coaches will strictly adhere to a salary cap that ensures every team is created evenly, and fairly.

Coaches will draft 80% of their team, and the other 20% of their team will be selected by Ultra Draft Event Operators as part of the balancing process.

All players will complete player skill surveys in order to obtain their playing history. Based on their answers, they will receive a salary ranking between 1 and 20. The salary is not public, and will only be used by the coaches.

All players are drafted regardless of their salary. Novice players are just as welcome as the more skilled ones.

Trust Rankings

Players who have received peer reviews, vouches, and have previous playing experience will have their accounts listed as "Trusted." These players we have confidence that their salary is appropriate. For Rookies without the Trusted designation, their profile is appropriately balanced to address possible errors in rating.


Sandbagging is strictly prohibited and any player deemed to be intentionally trying to exploit the salary system may be removed from the event.

Players may choose to link their profile with one other player to ensure that both players are drafted to the same team. While we highly recommend every player register as a single to gain the full experience, we understand some will be nervous, particularly on their first experience.

Who Can Register As a Couple

  • Married Couples
  • Dating Couples
  • Lifelong Buddies
  • Nervous Folks Who Prefer a Recognizable Compadre

Who Can NOT Register As a Couple

  • Players Trying to Game the System

We reserve the right to break up any couple that we believe is intentionally trying to evade salary cap rules.

Note: The number of couples that may register is intentionally limited to prevent balancing issues. Register early if you intend to couple!

Ultra Drafts welcome players of all skill levels - including novices who may not have perfect control over their hitting or fielding. As such, our event operators may put into place a number of special rules explicitly for player safety.

Check the Rules tab to officially review all rules for your event.

What is an Ultra Draft?

Ultra Draft format is when all players register individually and teams are created new before each event. The format is fun and allows players of all skill levels to participate, have fun, and have a chance to win.