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Gin & Juice Draft Tourney

Event: Raleigh - Fall 2024 (Other Events)
Sport: Softball
Event Director
Walnut Creek Athletic Complex
Raleigh, NC
Registration Deadline
Sun, Sep 1
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Rules Summary

These are the most common and/or most unique rules being used for this event. Please see "Official Rulebook" for exhaustive list of playing rules. When in conflict, rules written here shall supercede those in the official rulebook.

As a player, you are responsible for knowing all official rules of the game. By participating in the league, you are agreeing that you are aware of all rules associated with the league and the sport, and agree to abide by them at all times.

Rules Summary

These are the most common and/or most unique rules being used for this event. Please see "Official Rulebook" for exhaustive list of playing rules. When in conflict, rules written here shall supersede those in the official rulebook.


Golden Rule

This event is intended to be FUN first. We welcome players of ALL SKILL LEVELS to our fields, and therefore set rules that ensure the safety and enjoyment of our skilled players and our novices equally.  Be supportive of one another. Fighting, excessive verbal abuse, and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Event organizers reserve the right to dismiss any player from the event without a refund.

Length: ALL games except for Championship will be played using a time limit. 

Run Rules: Games will be declared over by "run rule" if the winning team is ahead by 20 runs at the conclusion of the 3rd inning, 15 runs at the conclusion of the 4th inning, or 10 runs at the conclusion of the 5th inning or later.

Home/Away: The coaches will meet the umpire at home plate ahead of the game, and the game timer will start. A coin flip will be used to determine HOME/AWAY in ALL games except the Championship, where the undefeated team will be given a choice. 

Umpires: Excessive arguing and/or abusive language will never be tolerated. Umpires may issue warnings and dismiss players from a game if they are found to be abusive. Event officials reserve the right to ban players from the event with no refund if abusive behavior continues.  If a player is ejected, then an out shall be charged for ALL following at bats.  

Pitching: All pitchers will be required to use a safety helmet. Shin guards are highly recommended, but not required.  A pitcher is allowed and encouraged to use both. 

Unsafe Throws: Outfielders are not allowed to complete force out throws to first base. Any throw from outfield to first base for the intention of a force out will be ruled a dead ball and the runner will be awarded 2nd base. Infielders brought into the outfield grass through defensive actions are allowed to complete the throw for a force out at first base.

Hitting Middle: It's not illegal, but it is dangerous and some of our novice players may not be able to control it. But for those of you that can - don't be a jerk. If you feel the other team is hitting the middle a lot, don't take revenge and escalate... it's not that kind of event.  The Director reserves the right to amend this as necessary.

Injury Exceptions: In the cases of injury, some rules may be bent to avoid placing players in harm's way. Coaches facing a situation that they believe requires an adjustment must discuss with the opposing coach a recommended solution. Opposing coach must approve the solution, and such approval should not be unreasonably withheld.

Injured Player / Can Not Continue: If a player is significantly injured in play and cannot continue, they shall be removed from the lineup. When their batting position comes up, the first-time following removal is an out. All subsequent times will just be skipped with no more penalty. The player is unable to return to play that game and, at a minimum, the game following.  Exceptions to this rule may be made for extended breaks between games (i.e., a player injured Saturday night can play their first game Sunday if they can safely do so).

Metal Cleats: Metal cleats are prohibited. Please use soft or hard rubber cleats, or turf shoes only.

Equipment: ONLY provided bats and balls  may be used.  We do kindly ask for your help in returning Home Run and Foul Balls back into play.

Legal Rosters: All teams have been drafted with a near-even number of women on their team, and rules are set based on this expectation. NO additions will be made to any roster unless the tournament director adds them.  In the event a player drops before the event, director will fill empty spot from someone on the official waiting list.  If a player drops during tournament, that team will play less than 1 player.  If a player is injured during event, the team can choose to have player added by the director if one is available.  Each team must bat all players.

Defense: A minimum of 2 female players must be on defense at all times. If for some reason, there is only one female present on the field, she may not play catcher.  ALL infielders must have both feet on the infield at the time of the pitch. Each rostered player must complete a minimum of three defensive innings in the field.  

Walks: If a male batter is walked with a female batter visibly on deck, the male batter is awarded second base and the female batter is given the option to choose an automatic walk or to hit as normal. The male MUST touch first before advancing to second. This is an appeal play.  The decision to walk is up to the sole discretion of the batter and coaches shall not force a walk on any player who wishes to hit.

Pitch Count: All batters start with a count of 1 ball and 1 strike. For extra innings or games quickened due to weather/scheduling issues, all batters start with a full count.  There are no courtesy fouls.

Home Runs: Home runs are limited in this event. Each team is allotted FIVE home runs without penalty. All home runs hit over the limit will be considered a Dead Ball Out.  Women home runs are unlimited and DO NOT count towards team totals. Hit & Sit – No need to run them out.

Courtesy Runners: One bandit runner per game may be used (not gender specific) and must be declared at coin toss. The pitcher of record may also request a runner once he/she reaches a base safely.  If the runner is in the batting lineup as his/her spot in the order comes up while still on base, that spot in the batting lineup is OUT.  The runner stays on the base occupied. 

Pitching: Pitching will follow USSSA pitching standards and regulations except on noted points.  There are no pump fakes in this event. Pitchers can use a floating rubber for safety.

Alcohol Consumption:  There are no open containers allowed in the park or parking lots.  There will be patrolling of the area to ensure no open alcohol containers are on the premises.  All coolers may be checked at the gates by park staff. 

Weather/Acts of God – Tournament director reserves all rights to modify any game to a 1 pitch or eliminate play in games in the event of time constraints due to weather.  In the event of bad weather or acts of God that are out of our hands that force a tournament cancellation, no refunds will be given as each player will have received a uniform package and a drawing for the tournament prize package will take place.  Once play in games are completed, the tournament director reserves all rights to decide prize distribution in the event of tournament cancellation.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN and let’s see which team will be

Rules for Coaches

These are guidelines and rules for the event that all coaches must acknowledge and follow. Please review all rules carefully.

Official Rules

Official Rules

The official rules for the sport, which may or may not be from a sanctioning body.

USSSA Slowpitch Slowball Rules

This league follows the USSSA rules for Slowpitch Softball. Please use the following link to download and read full rules.

View Official Rules