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The Dalton Draft is Tomorrow Night - Last Chance to Submit Payment

Posted 03-06-2023

Tomorrow's the Big Night!

Tomorrow everyone finds out which team they are selected to, and begins the process of strategizing for their tournament. Once drafted, your coach will reach out and invite you to a Group Chat (likely in Facebook) and you'll get to meet your teammates.

Payments / Payment Arrangements

If you have not paid your player fees before midnight tonight, you will not be drafted to a team. If you really want to play and need more time, contact [email protected] (317.372.2623) for payment extension opportunities. We're happy to work with any player on a payment plan so long as they communicate with our team. If we don't hear from you and have no payment information, you will be cut.

Double Check Your Payment Status

To make absolutely sure you're in, please visit this page. It will prompt you to complete your player survey or payment if they are required (make sure you are logged in!)

Check Your Player Status

Issues with PayPal Payment Plans

We've heard a handful of players mention the PayPal Payment Plans did not work for them. We can setup manual plans for you. Contact [email protected].