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This event has completed. This information has been preserved for archival purposes.

Outdoor Pickleball League

Season: Pickleball League Summer Session (Other Seasons)   |   Sport: Pickleball

Event Director
Indy Healthplex
Indianapolis, IN
Day of the Week
Registration Deadline
Tue, Jul 18
This event has completed. This information has been preserved for archival purposes.
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Registration Details
DatesPlayer CostScheduleTimeslots
Jul 20, 2024 - Sep 21, 2024
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, Jul 18
Early Bird Pricing
per player
3 Matches p/Day
8 Total Weeks - Play on
7-9 Tuesdays & Thursdays
Set Times Weekly


No League or Open Play Tue 7/18 or 7/25

Due to a previous booking of the courts, our Tuesday play will begin Aug 1. We will still play Thur July 20 and 27.

League Play

If you're ready to dial up the intensity, our League Play will pit singles and couples against one another in head-to-head ladder play with a minimum of 3 games per night. For this league, we will institute Ladder Based Scoring with each player establishing a league rank. As you play, you will move up and down the ladder and your performance matters! If you're a weak player against a strong player, you can still earn points even if you lose by giving the other player a run for their money.

Doubles Format
Play will start with doubles format with two matches focused on pre-selected couples and the third match being random player assignments to the courts. Enjoy a mix of social play to get to know your fellow league mates!

Schedule Overview

Basic Schedule
7:00pm-7:30pm - Practice / Hit Around
7:30-8:00pm - Official Match 1
8:00-8:30pm - Official Match 2
8:30-9:00pm - Official Match 3
9:00pm - Overflow / Extra Play as Necessary

Hybrid League Format
Our pickleball league is a DOUBLES league with MIXED doubles.  We also allow open play competitors to drop in and out as they wish.  The schedule works as follows.

For League Players
Once you pay your league fee, you can play both Tuesdays and Thursdays as you wish!  Get your money's worth and pickle away!  Each week you will be assigned to a teammate in order to play your official matches.  Your partners will rotate weekly, and you will have players of varying skill levels week in and week out.  After each match, you report your scores and then await your next matchup.

For Open Play Players
Each week you attend, you pay $10 at the front desk and get to play in three official matches for that evening (not including hit around, extra play period).  You will be assigned a partner who will rotate.

Singles Matches
If courts are available, singles matchups will be assigned based on player preference.  

All scoring for official matches is first to 21 rally scoring, and the winning team must win by two points.


The Final Week!


I hope everyone's day has been going well. A reminder that there will be no pickleball tonight. The championship will be this Thursday, so bring your a-game and have fun. 😁

See you on the courts!  🏓


Championship Update

Hey everyone,

Last Thursday's rain was so spotty that I thought we would cancel games, but it was dry over at Indy Healthplex - go figure. Due to this, we are officially having the Championship on Thursday, September 21st.

There are no games tonight, but join us this Thursday (9/14) to get some extra games played before next week. 

Have a great evening!


Pickleball Update


We hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! Due to the multiple cancellations caused by the heat advisory, we're rescheduling the championship to next week. We still have games today and Thursday at 7 p.m., so bring your A-game!


Event Operator