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This event has completed. This information has been preserved for archival purposes.

Outdoor Pickleball League

Season: Spring Thurs & Sat (Other Seasons)   |   Sport: Pickleball

Event Director
Indy Healthplex
Indianapolis, IN
Day of the Week
Registration Deadline
Thu, May 18
This event has completed. This information has been preserved for archival purposes.
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Registration Details
DatesPlayer CostScheduleTimeslots
May 18, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024
Registration Deadline: Thursday, May 18
Early Bird Pricing
per player
3 Matches p/Day
8 Total Weeks - Play on
7-9 Thu, 2-5 Sat
Set Times Weekly


Welcome to the Pickleball Spring League!

It's time to bring the LeagueJoe formula to the fastest growing sport in America - Pickleball!  As we look to offer this incredible sport to players all around Indy, we also want to introduce it to new players as well so we have two formats - Open Play and League Play.

Open Play - Beginner Training

For players who want to experience and learn Pickleball before committing to a league, we've got your back! Our OPEN PLAY format allows anyone to come play pickleball with our players for just $10 per week. And if you're a brand new player, your fee covers basic lessons for pickleball to teach you the basics! To get started, sign up and complete your player profile and select the Open Play format during checkout to purchase your first week of play.

League Play

If you're ready to dial up the intensity, our League Play will pit singles and couples against one another in head-to-head ladder play with a minimum of 3 games per night. For this league, we will institute Ladder Based Scoring with each player establishing a league rank. As you play, you will move up and down the ladder and your performance matters! If you're a weak player against a strong player, you can still earn points even if you lose by giving the other player a run for their money.

Doubles Format
Play will start with doubles format with two matches focused on pre-selected couples and the third match being random player assignments to the courts. Enjoy a mix of social play to get to know your fellow league mates!

Schedule Overview

Matches will be determined each session based on the number of participants attending in that given session.  Players are able to play Thursdays (7-9) and/or Saturdays (2-5) as they wish.  A minimum of three games will qualify towards league play in each given week.

Matches will be balanced based on the players involved, with placements typically matching strong players with novice players.  Singles competitions will be made available in the season as all players become more comfortable.

First time / Training Session players are welcome at anytime!  Please visit with the session commissioner to get started with your training matches.


PIckleball Cancelled Saturday 7/8

Greetings!  With inclement weather on the rain after an already rainy morning, we will cancel pickleball this afternoon.  Early next week, we will be announcing the start of our next Pickleball season so stay tuned!

On Thursday, July 13 we will have our final pickleball session of this season and will introduce a tournament to determine a season 1 champion.  We will also have a professional photographer on-hand to take some photos of everyone.  Please wear your pickleball shirts if you have them (or at least bring them for a couple photos :) ) 

Thanks for a fun season and can't wait to continue to grow the program!

Saturday Pickleball Rained Out

No pickleball today :)

Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!

Tonight's Game Cancelled

Good morning everyone,

We have been monitoring the Air Quality Index and have decided to cancel tonight's game. Due to the cancellation, we are bumping the end date by a week to ensure everyone has a chance to play in the eight-week season, whether you are in the league or open play. 

Stay safe, and see everyone next Thursday!



Event Operator