The courts for Healthplex are not available in February, which means we don't have enough weeks for a full league. However, we're turning this into an opportunity to help players who have sought to get better at the fundamentals of volleyball, but find that games are too high pressure for them to learn efficiently.

Open Play Plus Skills Camp
For each week in January (and one in Feb!), we will switch to OPEN PLAY format. Players are welcome to come and go as they please, without a full league commitment. All skill levels will be welcome and we encourage the more skilled players to come out and not only work on their own fundamentals, but help the novice players with theirs!

$10 Per Week, Per Player

Example Schedule
7:00-8:00pm - Skills Drills with a Focused Skill (i.e. Setting, Spiking, Serving)
8:00-9:30pm - Select Teams from Available Players, Create Teams and Play Matches
9:30-10pm - Wind Down and Final Skill Review