Introducing a Brand New Format From League Joe!

We are trial-testing a brand new competitive format for our drafts. Unlike our other drafts, players must meet minimum skill and competitive standards to participate. No soft, warm and fuzzy feelings here - you're coming to play, and you're here to win.

One Day Tournament at Indy Sports Park (turfs)

How it Works

For Coaches of Existing Teams
Missing a bunch of your guys this weekend? You can still get valuable swings by bringing up to 8 players to the draft. These are your "Keeper Picks" and will be slotted into the draft, and then you will draft up to 10, 11 or 12 players (your choice).

  • Safety rails are removed - there's no salary cap
  • Every player in the draft will be a competitive player ready to give it their all
  • Scout potential future recruits
  • Coaches help vote on and determine rules for the event

For Free Agents
New to the area? Your team disbanded? Been looking for a new competitive team? Join us a Free Agent and you will put your talents on display for teams around the region.

  • Receive a custom "Free Agent" jersey that matches your team, but also makes it clear that you're up for grabs
  • Have a team already, and just want extra swings? Come get em
  • Test your mettle against strong competition without risking a "ratings bump"

Deadline for Sign Ups: Mon, Aug 15