Rawlings Ultra Draft | Mar 31-Apr 2, 2023 | Softball | League Joe

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Ultra Draft

Rawlings Ultra Draft
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Event: Dalton, GA 2023   |   Sport: Softball

Mixed / Senior MixedSocialDraft
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Sports Drafts LLC
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Riverbend Park
Dalton, GA
This event has completed. This information has been preserved for archival purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am super competitive, is this for me?

Every team wants to win, and we expect fierce competition. That said, we have zero tolerance for unsportsman-like conduct and general d-baggery. Leave the game rage at home, come here for the fun.

I am super non-competitive, is this for me?

On the other end of the scale, while we do not expect perfection, we expect everyone to try. Do not let your team down by being black out drunk or not caring or being lazy. Lack of skill is adjusted for, but apathy is not. Play to win!

Am I good enough to play?

All skill levels are welcome and encouraged. With our skill-based draft, every team has some novices and some "pros." Come for the comraderie, even if you are a newer player.

Does everyone play?

All paid players are drafted and selected to teams. Alternates are not assigned to any rosters, but may be picked up as substitutes when needed.

Can I change my rankings?

After you complete your initial survey, your rankings are locked but can be modified by coaches and via peer review. You cannot change them yourself.

How do I rate myself?

Rate yourself compared to what you think your performance would be on a typical rec-league, beer-league style team. Do not rate yourself compared to a high-level tournament team.

Can't people lie on ratings?

Our peer review and vouch systems allow us to adjust ratings after players provide them. Players without history are appropriately weighed as "risky" picks for our coaches.

....so I can lie to give my team an advantage?

We would not recommend it. You will be discovered during play, kicked out, and it'll be a whole thing. And for what? A couple hundred bucks? Just be honest, have fun, and vibe with us.

When will I know my team?

Once we hit certain player levels, we draft the teams - often in multiple phases. The team coaches will then text or call all players, and invite them to join some sort of group together (often on Facebook).

What if I don't like my team?

Unlike other programs, we hand-select coaches with an eye on fun. They know how to put a lineup together, but they also really want to help everyone party. Relax, go with the flow, and you will enjoy it!

Can I coach?

If you have the right attitude for fun and love the game, sure! Coaches have the option to play or coach-only, but either way they are eligible for prizes. Contact Us!

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