Where Every Player Gets a New Bat

Welcome to the Rawlings Ultra Draft, a tournament and social experience unlike any other where you have the chance to make friendships of a lifetime while enjoying a weekend of ball. Unlike other drafts that are random, the Rawlings Ultra Draft uses a unique formula to balance players and teams so every team has a chance to win.

What Packages Are Available?

Maximum flexibility to allow players to play and receive enough swag to fill their bat bags.



You may register for this league as an individual or as a couple. You must have a LeagueJoe account to participate in this league.

Bradney Ciminowasielewski

Tournament Director - Bradney Ciminowasielewski

Bradney Ciminowasilewski is a Physics teacher and head of the science department at Winton Woods High School. He the is the current USSSA/GSL Ohio State director and the 2021 USSSA "spark plug" award winner. Brad has been a player, coach, and seasoned tournament director running some of the largest tournaments in Ohio. When he is not at school or the field, Brad enjoys spending lots of time with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters.


Commissioner Jason Kendrick

Jason Kendrick is a USSSA and WSL Softball National Hall of Famer and a 10x USSSA Mens World Series Champion. But now he takes on a different role - Tourney Commissioner. Join Jason and Sports Drafts LLC for the Rawlings Ultra Draft featuring Easton/Miken/Worth!


Thousands of dollars worth of prizes available for grabs! Each package for 12 Sponsored Players.

First Place

  • 24 Easton/Miken/Worth Bats
  • 12 Easton/Miken/Worth Backpacks
  • 24 Easton/Miken/Worth Batting Gloves

Second Place

  • 12 Easton/Miken/Worth Backpacks
  • 12 Easton/Miken/Worth Batting Gloves
  • 12 Easton/Miken/Worth T-Shirts

Third Place

  • 12 Easton/Miken/Worth Batting Gloves
  • 12 Easton/Miken/Worth T-Shirts

12 teams minimum in bracket for full prize payout

15 All Tournament Team Awards