What is a DRAFT league? It's a league where all players enter a pool and are selected by coaches before the season begins. All players are ranked based on their experience level, and each team drafts according to a salary cap. This creates even competition, fun head-to-head matchups, and unparalleled social fun as the entire league participates in after parties as a single entity.

We are currently looking for interested players for a Southside League on TUESDAY nights at Indy Sports Park. Two games per night on a rotating timeslot, so games will be in the evening starting no earlier than 6:20pm.

We will be looking for interested players to serve as coaches for the first season, and we'll have an inaugural draft party to draft everyone to their new teams and get the league started ASAP within the next couple weeks. Contact us with any questions!

Players will receive a long t-shirt for the Fall.