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ISP Southside Draft League

Season: Southside Softball Draft League | Fall (Other Seasons)   |   Sport: Softball

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    Indy Sports Park
    Indianapolis, IN
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Rules SummaryEdit Summary Rules

These are the most common and/or most unique rules being used for this event. Please see "Official Rulebook" for exhaustive list of playing rules. When in conflict, rules written here shall supercede those in the official rulebook.

As a player, you are responsible for knowing all official rules of the game. By participating in the league, you are agreeing that you are aware of all rules associated with the league and the sport, and agree to abide by them at all times.

Common Rules that Affect All Games

Pitch Count: All batters start with a count of 1 ball and 1 strike.

No DH Rule: All players who are able to bat must also play at least one inning of defense in the field.  An exception to this rule may be made in the case a player does not wish to play defense for some reason (injury, fear, caution) so long as both coaches agree to the exception.  

Paid Players Rule: At all times, players who pay for and register appropriately for leagues must be given priority consideration for playing time over a substitute player. Paid players can sit a small amount of time for the purpose of defensive rotation, however no paid player should ever be placed in a situation where they receive considerably less playing time than an individual who paid and registered to play fully.

Common Courtesy Rules

In a recreational league, the safety of the players and the enjoy-ability of the game take the utmost priority. The following are common courtesy rules that are often judgement calls and will be enforced when necessary. While not technically against the rules of the game, all players are asked to be aware of and respect common field courtesy to help ensure all participants have fun.

Try to Avoid Hitting the Ball at the Pitcher
The pitcher is the most dangerous position on the field, and a mistimed swing can result in a serious injury. Try to avoid making line-drive contact with balls up the middle. If you need help adjusting your swing, please consult your coach.

Avoid Unnecessary & Dangerous Throws
When playing outfield or fielding a ball that lands far away from the action on the field, take care and please do not force throws that are unlikely to result in an out. For example, a player receiving a ground ball in left field should not attempt to throw the runner out at first, even if that runner is slow or injured. The velocity required to throw from the outfield to the infield can result in a dangerous situation if your throw is inaccurate, or either the baseman or the base runner are not paying attention.

Non-binary Players Any player who identifies as non-binary will declare to the event director ahead of the event whether they will play "Big Ball" or "Small Ball" rules and will maintain that status for the duration of the event. No player may change their ball selection after the event starts. "Small Ball" ruleset usage may be denied by director if a determination is made that the player is highly skilled/strong enough/capable enough to use "Big Ball" effectively, and "Small Ball" rules usage may present an inherent danger.

Abuse of Rules for Personal Gain:  Event director reserves the right to remove any player from the competition who attempts to take advantage of written rules in argumentative ways while ignoring the spirit of said rules.  Event is designed to be fun - let's keep it that way.

Rules for CoachesEdit Coach Rules

These are guidelines and rules for the event that all coaches must acknowledge and follow. Please review all rules carefully.

Official Rules

Edit Official Rules

Official Rules

The official rules for the sport, which may or may not be from a sanctioning body.

Rules have not been posted yet. Please check back later.