She's Gin. He's Juice. And together?
We're ALL Family

Welcome to the Gin & Juice Family Draft where we welcome players of all skills, shapes, and sizes. If you're looking for a FUN-FIRST tournament experience where you can meet new players and make new friends, come join the Gin & Juice Family!

Softball Drafts are no new thing for this duo, this will be their 5th draft style tournament. Daryl (Juice) is a well-respected long time USSSA umpire and tournament director. The Gin & Juice Draft is taking this valuable experience and mixing things up a little! Working together with the League Joe draft system will ensure parity with a LIVE DRAFT and other great changes.

Each team has a hand-picked coach to help make sure everyone has a fun experience. All teams are purposefully balanced. This system will make sure every team has a shot at winning!

Couples CAN stay together (not mandatory, but an option)! Stick with your sweetie or your bestie and you will be drafted together.

Sign up TODAY for the Gin & Juice Family Draft and let's have some fun and make new friends together.