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Welcome to the Vacation Draft!

If you come all the way out to a beach and only ever see the inside of a softball complex, did you really go to the beach?

In our Vacation Style tournaments, we balance a full schedule of weekend play with plenty of time to see the sights, drink the drinks, and make new friends, memories, and magic!

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Event Highlights


We balance the thrill of competition with plenty of time for social activities and the fun of exploring a new, scenic location. If you're used to participating in draft tournaments around the country, here are the big differences:

  • Cap of 16 teams (but can expand to 20 without affecting schedule)
  • Beach Themed Player Kits
  • Friday Night Meet & Greet and "Rivalry Game"
  • Sleep in Saturday Morning! Or grab breakfast on the boardwalk!
  • 3 Pool Play Games Saturday, Done by 5:00pm
  • Entire Tourney Goes to the Beach Party!
  • Practice Games Sunday Morning to Get Your Hangover Out of Your System
  • Every Team Plays Sunday, Single Elim!

If you love the thrill of draft tournaments but want to experience time to relax, Virginia Beach is the Draft Tourney for you!